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burned out but ready to be ignited again
the month of july has done nothing but be all about the unveiling of a new me. i came in determined to make a statement that was brash and unapologetic, and i couldnt be anymore happier with the results. throughout all of these drastic changes, i have made a significant effort in staying true to who i am and not relish in the changes as if im trying to be something im not. its innate and it has always been there. i just needed the right keys to the ignition to get me revved up and raring to go.

from here on out its going to be hard to look back and figure out where my life went wrong before, but i felt that i have been given the much needed second chance that i was searching for. this new outlook on life has not come at a better time too seeing as how im ready to move on and tackle a new part of my life which calls for a more global approach in how i view things. holding back is no longer an option. i have to be confident in knowing that the opportunities are there and that i am the only one in control of my own life. my life does not belong to you and to anyone else for that matter.

as i look back on this past month and see the exponential growth and maturity that i have gone through, i really am happy for once about where my life is going. a lot of that has to do with letting go and moving on. whats gone is gone. maybe not for good, but in the time of its absence i cant dwell or hope that things will be the same the next time we meet up down the road. i have to constantly strive for improvement. but now more than ever it has to be at a competitive pace in which i can be ready for whatever is being thrown at me at any given moment.

i have a focus and goal in life that only i could begin to understand. trust that im going on to bigger and better things in life. but im open to a lot of new endeavors right now and who knows where those might take me. but i figure that if im grounded and confident with my morals and standards, that i have the potential to partake in whatever it is life has in store for me. its all relative in the end anyways. so cheers to this upcoming year and to the stark potential it has to being a significant one to my life.


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