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she turns to him and asks if she can kiss him. he hesitates and wonders what this all means. but he couldnt resist her even in her drunken state. it almost heightens her sexiness at this point. as she leans over and makes the first lunge, hes startled at her ferocity. it became quite evident that her thirst needed to be quenched by his lips which were her oasis.

all he knew how to do at that point was to close his eyes and follow her lead. this was his friend after all. there was never a hint of attraction before that point and now he found himself locking lips with this beauty along with the occasional tongue lashing here and there. the breathing gets heavier as the two begin to slow it down a bit and really begin to feel one another as if every fiber of their sense of touch was honed in on their lips. he writhes in his seat as she starts to climb over onto the driver's side to a point where she is almost straddling him.

he begins to tremble. a shaking that became increasingly violent as they progressed through the wee hours of the morning. she stops and begins to notice. she awakens from her drunken stupor to finally realize what was really happening. he lays there breathing heavily. trying to catch his breath. he apologizes and admits that this is not something he is used to doing and feeling. to his surprise, she caresses his face and kisses him gently on the cheek. she reassures him in a whisper that it's alright and begins to kiss him with much softer and gentler lips.

he sighs and begins to fall into a trance. the blood rushes out of his brain and into his heart and his cock. no thoughts were running in either of their minds as they continue to create moment after moment of pure bliss. but just as quick as it had began, it ended. they both stare into one another's eyes as reality took over. she exits his car. as he begins to turn on the ignition, he hears his door opening to which he looks over and he is greeted with another kiss by her. the one that seals the deal.

no more words were spoken that night. its as if things had never happened. they laugh. they talk. but they never bring that night up again. at least not with one another.


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